About Us
About SOS Services

SOS Services was formed in 2013 and till now providing customized IT solutions in the industry. 

We provide customized business solutions with latest technologies as per industry standards through which our clients can enhance and run their business in optimized way.

Our extensive IT experience and a smooth delivery model help our clients to build trust in our solutions. 

We are adaptive with the industry demands and new requirements from our clients.  

Our services mainly consist of customized IT solutions, web designing and hosting services, AWS solutions, data modelling and data migration.

We also provide consultancy to understand and analyze new trends and technologies.  

What We Do
Custom IT Solutions

We provide  custom-built Solutions on the basis of tailored made needs of our customers, through which they can achieve their business goals on efficient basis.

Project Planning

From web based solutions to data migration and planning; we are experienced to understand your tailored made needs. 

AWS, Cloud Hosting is integral part of our solutions.

Web Designing and Hosting

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